Examining Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is typically thought of in terms of the covered person or business making a claim that never happened, or making their loss greater than they actually suffered. Fraud can also be committed by the insurance broker through the selling of nonexistent policies or by stealing premiums. In recent years, Fort Worth, Texas has seen an increase in insurance fraud.

In most cases, insurance fraud happens when someone who is covered by an insurance policy tries to benefit financially by making a false or overstated claim. It is a crime that is committed by people with all types of backgrounds, in all types of careers and income levels, and is even committed by doctors and lawyers who feel the opportunity is too easy to get away with.

Soft insurance fraud refers to people lying about parts of their claim, making up a story, or padding it so they can get more money. Although it might be seem petty when one person does this, when multiplied by all the people doing this, it raises insurance premiums for everyone. It is also a punishable crime and, if you get caught in Texas, may require the services of a Dallas criminal defense attorney.

In the case of hard insurance fraud, the person is purposefully scamming the insurance company by completely faking the loss, be it through theft, accident, or other injury, in order to collect money through an insurance policy. This is usually done by individual miscreants who think it’s an easy way to get money, but it’s also committed by organized groups of criminals for big money.

Insurance companies will prosecute

Insurance fraud is one of those things that many people may feel is harmless on a small scale or individual basis. However, it is a crime that insurance companies take very seriously and they will not hesitate to prosecute anyone they suspect of committing insurance fraud if they feel they are being cheated.